Economic Empowerment for Women. An action to addressing GBV.

Economic empowerment for women an action to addressing GBV

Economic Empowerment for Women. An action to addressing GBV.

In Wanga land Mumias, gender-based violence is poverty, cultural rules particularly those of lower caste in paradoxical situation, gender hierarchy in most of the family, inheritance laws and customs, valuations of women’s work as opposed to men’s work, power to make decision in society, family, religious doctrinal, and social networks.

In reducing some of the causes of gender-based violence in Mumias at Shianda community, shalom women group came up with empowerment projects. They started some savings through table banking where they bought vegetable seedlings. Some women in consultation with their husbands volunteered to give land for project. The group planted vegetables for business “kilimo biashara”. Every woman was issued with free seedlings and was compelled to have Kitchen garden to avoid begging and idling thus reducing gender-based violence in their homes.

Reducing gender-based violence in the community by empowering women economically. These also keeps them busy thus no time of idling, gossiping and at the end of the day they put food on the table.

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