Democracy and Governance

Democracy and Governance

Strengthening the ability of grassroots communities to participate in decisions and actions that affect them most provides a solid platform for peaceful and stable societies.

We work with people at local communities to strengthen their capacity and knowledge to advocate for responsive and responsible governance, respect for the rule of law, human rights and civic participation through the electoral process.

We strive to integrate nonviolence peacebuilding approaches to empower communities to advocate for the enhancement and implementation of legislation, policies and administrative actions that are fundamental to advancement of peaceful coexistence of society, human rights, delivery of public service and good governance.

We have considerable experience in undertaking Democracy and Governance projects having implemented the Know Your Rights project as well Citizens Reporting and Local Response projects. We worked with state and non-state actors to advance free and fair elections, transparency and accountability in public affairs, public resource allocation and utilization, as well as advocating for conducive space for the existence and operation of communities and civil societies.

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