Empowering marginalized groups to seek their rights in Non-violent ways.

Empowering marginalized groups to seek their rights in Non-violent ways.

Empowering marginalized groups to seek their rights in Non-violent way.

The right of representation in public offices is a right that needs to be pursued by the marginalized groups in Kenya. For IDPK group in Nairobi after receiving TTT training, realized the challenge, they Sought for representation by at least one representative at the chief’s committee in Hazina location south B. The group drafted a letter requesting for the Chiefs appointment in South B ward. They physically delivered the letter. They were granted a meeting date to discuss their request. Their demands were now narrower and more specific they were seeking for representation in the chief’s public offices in order to o be involved in community decision-making, to access timely and correct information, to have their voices and needs represented, to hold the leaders accountable and to access community resources without discrimination e.g., education, business grants, relief food and employment opportunities.

Gabriel a member of IDPK reports that: “We have submitted all the requirements endorsing Consolata , the chief will draft a letter confirming Consolata as the representative from IDPK”. He also notes; “this is something new to our group. The training was an eye opener (says in Kiswahili: Mlitufungua macho). Before the training we did not recognize our power, we did not have the skills or the mindset to improve our status. We literally did not know where to start from. I am now energized. We plan to mobilize all the other following similar steps until we are fully represented in Starehe Constituency. We will not stop at the chiefs’ offices. We plan to go to every MCA office, senator’s office, governor’s office and all organizations serving in our region.”

Consolata says that: I am very happy now that I have been nominated to represent my community. My work will now be to bridge the gap of information and also represents at the decision-making table even though from a lower level. This is just the beginning we are motivated to use the same strategies to get representation at the MCA, MPs and governors offices.”

Story of IDPK Group in Nairobi

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